Darshan Gooch


Birth place: Oxnard, CA

Formal Name: Darshan Paul Gooch

Father, husband, working class, free surf enthusiast. Currently raising a family and working through a human experience while trying to enjoy / express myself along the way.

Whats your why? Appreciation for the natural world. Continuing to stay true to myself and others. Sharing the things we love with our loved ones. Making small attempts to shed light in dark places.

Favorite breakfast? Coffee, some yoga, and something to keep my feet on the ground.

Who's your biggest inspiration? My inspiration comes from all directions. I’m constantly inspired by sea birds how they can dance along the waves with endless grace and beauty. Always adapting to the subtleties, flowing elegantly with ease and never leaving a mark on the wave.

What would you tell yourself 10 years from now? Are you still riding life’s wave with an open heart and mind? Do you love yourself and those around you? Or are you just consuming shit and keeping your bills paid?



Pictures by Brian Garrison @wetfeetphoto