Mark Campbell


Birth Place: Santa Cruz

Formal name: Mark Louis Campbell

Nickname: Marky Mark

Currently striving to become a man of peace, humility, and compassion. Pastoring an awesome group of land pirates, writing a book titled Finding Dad and another called The Tribal Way, learning how to be the best to my wife and family, riding bicycles, surfing as much as I can and driving a 1995 GMC van affectionately named Harold. 

What's your whyI try to leave the planet better than when I entered it by living my life as best I can. I do that by collecting, living and sharing great stories and by building things that have never been built.

Favorite breakfast? Coffee for sure. An americano with coconut cream, then a smoothie with real coconut, spinach, almonds, hemp, blueberries and turmeric. Or steak and eggs. Timeless.

Who's your biggest inspiration? That's tough. So many inspire me. Honestly, my wife the lovely Kathleen Campbell. From the day I met her she’s inspired me to be a better human in every way.

Choose one for the rest of your life: Perfect waves of perfect fades? Perfect waves, duh.

What would you tell yourself 10 years ago? Relax. It’s all going to come together so enjoy today and live every moment of today to the fullest. And, in ten years you’re going to be fatter, uglier, grayer and smell really bad.


Photos: Nick Landon